International Best-Selling Book

On June 15th, 2021 I wrote a letter to the Universe sharing my dreams and desires for the next 20 years. There were 25 different things that I wrote. Number 17 was “Write a book.” I had no idea that a short 6 months later I would be an International Best-selling author.

There are many beautiful aspects to this project, the book “Wounds To Wisdom.” In this multi-author book, you will discover 9 stories guiding you to alchemize your pain into your greatest gift. Through the stories of these 9 incredible women you too can learn how to release what no longer serves you and shift the paradigm and trajectory of your life.

Another beautiful aspect of this project is that ALL proceeds of the book go to charity. Our group collectively chose the SHWAS Foundation located in India. SHWAS understands the importance of proper education and care for all. They have made it their mission to bridge the gap of the privileged and unprivileged children within their region of India and bring high education, care, and love to the children living in slums and less-than-ideal conditions.

Your support of the book is greatly appreciated by all 9 authors as well as those served by the SHWAS foundation.