Live Your Raw Life Podcast

This podcast was birthed with the intention of sharing all I have learned on my personal healing journey. It is my belief that stories connect us, so I share my stories and so much more. My path consisted of many various types of healers, guides, and modalities, all of which were essential to the deep and transformative healing that has occured for me over the years and continues to do so.

I bring to you brilliant conversations with a wide variety of guests, topics, and sharings that all have contributed to my life in profound ways, big and small. Inside this platform, you will find a “bible” of healers and healing modalities. May find the conversation, message, or healer that resonates with you so you may continue to heal yourself in order to live YOUR rich, authentically aligned, wholesome life.

Featured Guests

Dr. Nicole LePera

New York Times best-selling author, Dr. Nicole LePera, also known as The Holistic Psychologist, joins the Live Your RAW Life podcast with a beautiful conversation around having a beginner’s mind through our healing journey. She is a wealth of knowledge and touches on very essential topics such as anxiety, fear, childhood trauma, and implementing essential boundaries.

Jason Benade

Cancer conqueror, sports performance, health, and nutrition coach, Jason Benade shares his cosmic story of how he was able to follow his heart and heal through holistic ways. Jason is a deep well of knowledge and has an incredible message to share.

Gina Giro

This Missouri native turned celebrity massage therapist through using her powerful ability to manifest her dreams shares her incredible story with you all! Gina is now using her special gifts through the work with Emotion Code. Removing blocked and trapped emotions, Gina positively works with her clients to help them eliminate these emotions that are holding them back in life.

The Bene Terre Farm

Cliff and Lindsey Bennett left their quaint and perfect mountain lifestyle to pursue their dreams of creating and maintaining an Earth-conscious, biodynamic, and sustainable farmstead in the midwest. They share the trials and successes of following through on their dream and how this farm is the way of the future if we would like to maintain harmony with the soil and Earth.

Kira Sutherland

Kira is a Medical Astrologer, Naturopath, Nutritionist, and a wonderful teacher. In this episode Kira helps us better understand the influence astrology has on human health and how we best can use nature to help us heal. Begin to see your personal health through the lens of astrology.

Dr. Falak Shaaik

Dr Falak Shaaik is a Doctor, Relationship Coach, Intuitive Healer, and an International Bestselling author of two books. In this episode, Falak shares her experience moving from India to Canada and the shifts, and letting go that brought to her. Dr. Falak also shares her interpretation of what a “Soulmate” is and wonderful advice that you can apply to your life now to begin drawing in the relationship you desire.