Welcome to the Restoring Harmony Collective!

Our way back to ourselves is a winding road, and a life-long journey. One that, when traveled alone, can cause us to grow weary.

Rising Tides Raise All Ships

The best of healers are still healing.

The healing journey doesn’t end, it only expands.

As healers, and caretakers of this planet, its people, and all beloved creatures it is our responsibility to honor our sacred gifts, share them with others, and come together in community.

In this collective we share our gifts, we cross-promote, we bring knowledge, we continue our journey, and grow together.

We are all here to support you on your healing journey. Check it out!

Connecting, networking, and collaborating are some of my strongest superpowers! It’s how I moved through my own healing journey. A lovely cosmic web of healers of various modalities has gotten me to where I am right now. I believe there is no one magic pill, nor one person to support us on our path. To best support humanity I have created this very special collective. Perhaps you’ll join the cosmic web of the Restoring Harmony collective?

As a member of the Restoring Harmony Collective you receive the following:

  • Social post introducing yourself as part of the collective
  • Email templates to send to your community, sharing your connection to the collective
  • Networking through day to day posts with others in the collective
  • Opportunity to be highlighted on the Live Your RAW Life podcast
  • Spot in the next “Healing Summit” lineup
  • Mini session with all members through our quarterly meetings
  • Potential for collaboration with other members (Lives on social, project opportunities, etc)

Expectations from you as a member:

  • Let your community know you are part of this epic collective
  • Highlight other members periodically in person and on your social media platforms as you see fit and appropriate
  • Share your gifts, modalities, and services with the collective group once a year during our quarterly meetings
  • Share your excitement for the collective through various avenues you feel is appropriate

Your investment: $100/year

Through virtual, yet personal connections, Rachel guides her clients to health and harmony through the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Using a unique process of syncing the three brains within the body. Clients are able to discover their own personal healing path and can create a life that is of the highest vibrational frequency, thus aligning them with their true dharma. This creates a positive ripple effect out into their world and beyond creating a better life for all.

Website: www.liveyourrawlife.com
Instagram: @liveyourrawlife
Facebook: “Live Your RAW Life” Private Group

I’m Anne Gerber, an energy medicine practitioner at Divine Roots holistic healing. I love to look at the world and our bodies from the perspective of energy flow. It’s through our energetic pulse that our character, physical body and mind are formed. This energetic beat is found all around us – from the food we eat to the relationships that surround us. The resiliency of our energy system to move through life’s ups and downs is what creates our health, wellbeing and relationships. When our energy becomes congested or locked in patterns, our vibrancy of life begins to suffer. The amazing thing about all of this is that we have the power to influence our energy flow and, therefore, our health.

At Divine Roots healing, I walk with individuals as they explore the energetic language of their body through hands on healing, distance healing and The Alchemy of Love energetic coaching program. The root of my healing work comes from my passion to empower you to connect to your divine wisdom, self heal, and live your love.

Learn more:
Website: http://www.divinerootshealing.com
Email: divinerootshealing@gmail.com
FB: @DivineRootsHealing.DRH
IG: @divineroots.healing

I’m Gina Giro, founder of Self Love School and an Emotion Code Energy Healer. I have been in the holistic wellness space since 2001 and believe deeply in the power of the body to heal. Your body, mind and spirit can heal completely and I make it my job to hold that belief for you, and remind you of it when needed, as you go through your healing journey. I use The Emotion Code to identify and release trapped negative energies that contribute to anxiety, depression, addiction, pain, and patterns that keep repeating no matter what you try.

Mention the Wellness Collective for $20 OFF an energy healing package!

@gina.giro on IG

My name is Tricia Keightley and I am the owner of Web Worx, LLC. I am a passionate entrepreneur excited about the progression of my business, and excited about how I can help you with your business and brand! I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Web Design in 2011 and began my journey to Web Worx a few years after. I started off with designing/developing websites, but have since expanded to brand strategy, business consulting, course creation and graphic design. My professional life has led me to work with some great people and I have been so grateful to help other entrepreneurs bring their dream brand to life!

When I am not building websites, I am a full-time, single mom to three amazing children. I have a great love for Jesus, working out, and reading. When I get free time I thoroughly enjoy wine tastings. I love to try new wineries. I also enjoy going to the gun range and want to own land someday and shoot on my own property. I strive to be the best version of myself every day. I take pride in the self-development work I have accomplished over the years and want to help others with theirs as well. I am currently working on a self-education book to share with those with a similar drive to improve themselves. Be on the lookout for more info regarding my impending book!

I also just started a collective for personal development.  It’s all about growth. Soul Setters’ Collective is a group of people who are driven, passionate, and set to grow in their business and their lives.  Link below.

@webworxkc on socials

Hi, I’m Eleanor Duelley, I’m a Board-Certified Nutritionist (CNS) and Licensed Dietician Nutritionist (LDN). My purpose is to guide women who are looking for a healthier path to healing their bodies with whole food nutrition rather than immediately jumping to pharmaceuticals. My military and life experience gives me an edge when it comes to listening and guiding women to stand up for themselves and take charge of their own health care needs.
Learn more:
IG: @nourishingnutritionllc
FB: Nourishing Nutrition