Restoring Harmony Immersion

Why harmony? When I felt true harmony for the first time I had no idea what I was feeling. I couldn’t name the feeling because it was so unfamiliar. I had lived and operated from a space of disconnection and fragmentation for so long that when my life became harmonized I had no idea what the hell was going on.

This new balance and ease were what I had been striving for, for years and once I realized I had created harmony in my life I was so excited that I developed the “Restoring Harmony” program to help guide others to discover this exhilarating feeling and sensation for themselves.

This 12-Week program brings balance to your body, mind, and spirit. Through the progression of the 12 weeks, you will begin to experience deep transformation to the parts of your life that are causing you to feel anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed into a life that is full of peace, joy, and harmony.

This is a commitment to yourself, to a better way of being, to an aligned path, and to a restored sense of harmony. You are worth it!

You’re moving through each day…

Maintaining peace and order.
Pleasing everyone, except yourself.
Keeping your emotions from surfacing.

All while losing yourself a little bit more

You stay in a constant state of movement through:

Cooking for the family.
Cleaning up after everyone.
Running all the errands.
Working a job that stresses you out, daily.

This is all keeping you busy, busy, busy which goes great with what you have been taught.


You thought you were kicking ass at life but really you have only been distracting yourself.

You have been distracting yourself from:


Your shit.

Your healing.

This pattern, story, behavior has been your norm for long and it feels, oh so comfortable but, you are becoming tired.

  • Tired of over giving.
  • Tired of feeling taken advantage of.
  • Tired of pleasing everyone but yourself.

What if I told you it was possible for you to rewrite your story, take your power back, come back home to yourself, and continue to be the amazing mother, partner, friend that you are, all while doing the things YOU love?

Get ready, the transformation is upon you.

You are reading this, not out of happenstance but because your soul has guided you here.

It’s time to begin.

Change your path.
Reclaim your body, mind, and spirit.
Restore harmony!

“”I had a fabulous experience working with Rachel, I refer to her as my alignment coach. She is a healing soul that is very intuitive, a pleasure to work with on all aspects. She guided me to discover the last two pieces of my puzzle. I am now on the right path and living my purpose for the first time in my life. I feel that down to my bones.”


Imagine in Just 12 Weeks

Breaking free from repetitive loops that are keeping you feeling stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed and shift into feeling vibrant, confident, and energized to conquer each new day.

Feeling so good because you nourish your body with high vibe foods, moving your body on a regular basis because it feels good, and caring for yourself first.

Quieting the chatter in your mind and catching your thoughts when they tell you to be fearful, anxious, and worried because you understand what you really are worthy and capable of.

Begin to learn and integrate practices that connect you with your soul, your light, and your essence on a level you’ve only read about in books. Discovering a love for yourself that is so deep, it scares you, in the most beautiful way.

Restoring Harmony Method

This program has been uniquely designed using the tools I have gathered on my own personal healing journey. Month 1 begins with the body, followed by the mind, and ending our third month with the spirit.

  1. Microbiome– you begin in your center, the Enteric brain, the integral part of the body that governs the rest. As you explore your relationship and habits with food, you soon discover how your body responds and are able to adjust your eating habits accordingly in order for them to positively serve you.
  2. Movement– next step is to cultivate a loving relationship with moving your body (almost) every damn day. This is done specifically with yoga, however, it is not limited to just that. It is about discovering what you love doing the most.
  3. Mindfulness– as you move into the second month of the program you begin to discover and become aware of patterns, behaviors and thoughts that no longer positively serve you. You become aware through timeline creations, journaling, and positive affirmations.
  4. Meditation– when you become more aware of where you have been giving your power away, or holding yourself back it is essential to quiet your Cephalic brain, the brain in your head. This allows you to release fear, anxiety, and overwhelm, along with becoming more in tune with your internal guidance system.
  5. Mantra– coming into the third month you begin to connect more with your spirit through your Cardiac brain, the brain in your heart. This process begins by creating and using your own personal mantra. This step is powerful and life transformational.
  6. Mission– the above five steps help you discover a new level of harmony where you are living each day to your dharma, your life’s purpose, your mission. This happens because you have connected all of the three brains in your body, restoring harmony.

What You’ll Receive

This is the core of our journey together! Through these next 12 weeks, you’ll be held inside a safe, supportive, and nonjudgemental container as we explore your deepest healing and deepest restoration. (Value of $2400)
Tao Healing Hands Blessings dive right to the root level of blockages in all areas of health, wealth, and life. (Value of $1500)
These meditations will help you to leave behind the patterns and behaviors that have been holding you back from leading a life of harmony. (Value of $555)
Through this part of the program you will be given various self-care practices to integrate into your day to day living. (Value of $333)
Throughout the program, you’ll receive personalized tarot readings, journaling prompts, and astrology aspects to further assist you as you navigate this work! (Value of $444)
3 unique yoga sequences to assist you on this journey. These sessions target each foundational component of the program, are recorded and sent to you to be used for a lifetime. (Value of $555)
For any additional check-ins, support, or guidance you may need between our Private Zoom Calls! You are never alone on this journey. (Value of $2555)

Group Program

  • Includes all the above

VIP Program

  • 3 x 30 min private sessions with my personal Emotion Code coach to remove emotional blocks related to your anxiety, overwhelm, and stress for good.
  • Full Astrology Reading
  • Includes all the above AND these extras/or bonuses

*Payment options available upon request