We were living our best life and then it all came crashing down. What was happening was amazing, everything happening was to level us up, to bring new possibilities, and positive expansion.

“Let’s move to Colorado,” we said. “It’s going to be amazing,” we said.

My husband and I were happily living our lives in central MN. Our two boys were part of great schools, we had well-matched social circles and constant stability in a home full of love.

Watkins Family 2013
St. Cloud, MN

It was 2014, and our current plan was to sell our house and build a new house on a recently purchased, beautiful river lot in the city we were living in. With a five year plan to move to Colorado. Our house sold in March and we were currently floating between living in our friend’s basement, house sitting, and staying in hotels.

This is our story of how we started to pave the path of living our Rich, Authentically Aligned, Wholesome life.

As we just finalized and signed off on our future house plans, I received a text from Isaac. It read:

We had a number of deep conversations about it and in the end, decided to start putting our resumes out there. We hoped for anywhere across the Front Range and Foothills.

Lots of little miracles happened throughout the process.

I was low on vacation days and wanted to save what I had in case I needed to fly to CO for an interview. One thing I needed to get done was to get my fingerprints for my CO teaching license. This office was only open certain times and days. Ugh, I just could not afford to take time off for this. Miraculously, we got hit by a rare spring snowstorm that delayed the start of school. In my favor, it was a day this office was open and the times aligned nicely. I got my fingerprints, made it to school in time, and did not have to take any time off.

A couple of weeks go by and not too many hits on our resumes, but strangely I was in a constant state of ease. I suppose knowing we had two solid plans in place, it was a win-win.

However, the voice in my head was saying, “The Mountains are calling, and I must go.”

After about three weeks of searching for jobs, sending resumes, and checking emails. Isaac ended up scoring a phone interview that went really well. They wanted him to come out for an in-person interview. He flew out on a Thursday.

This is where things got nutty and super exciting!

The day Isaac flew out, I was at the “home” of the week, making dinner. An email came through. I had an interview on MONDAY!

With Isaac in CO, flying home on Sunday evening, and me flying out Sunday morning, we needed to get real creative with logistics.

Therefore, we called in reinforcements of friends and family to help with our two boys while we were traveling and away.

My sister went and stayed the night with the boys on Sunday and she took them to school Monday morning.

Our friends, who were letting us stay at their house, picked them up at the end of the day.

This whole situation reminded me that we are all interconnected. When we support each other, we can help each other’s days, dreams, and lives happen.

Whew, I made it to Colorado.

As I sat in my rental car, I bawled. Is this really happening? Could this really happen? Could we really land these jobs in the same town, during the same week?

You see, the day before Isaac flew home, he was offered the job. Of course, he accepted.

Now it was up to me!

I had a great interview. In fact, they called me after I was already at the airport, hoping to get in my second interview before I flew out. I had my interview via Skype on Wednesday, I was offered the job the following Monday.

Holy! Fucking! Shit!

Our dream is unfolding and coming true. We ARE moving to Colorado.

It was at that moment, I realized there was something bigger at play here. Not just dumb luck. Since that day I have been searching and investigating the meaning of life and the way I see us humans moving through this lifetime. Diving deeper into how I can continue to level up and live the life of my dreams.

This experience started me and my family on the path to living our Rich, Authentically Aligned, Wholesome life. In this process, I have discovered what components of my life are the most important, what I can do to make them more of a priority, and how I can be of service to help others discover their RAW life too.

Welcome to the journey. In this blog, I will share my life stories on different situations and knowledge that I’ve gained thus far. Take a page from the “book,” inquire to grow, or just follow along.

I am happy and grateful you are here and hopeful that there are nuggets you can use to help you to start or continue living YOUR RAW life.

I’d love to hear where you are in living your RAW life journey!

Share in the comments!

It’s all about the adventure, adventure awaits!