Heal Yourself, Heal the World

I love that you are here, it makes me so happy! Whether you are just beginning your healing or have been on the path for quite some time, it is all perfect. You are right where you are supposed to be. For this is a lifelong journey, to heal and stay aligned with our spirit. Life happens. This can create overwhelm, stress, and anxiety which has the potential to take over and rule our lives. This is what led me to begin my own healing journey.

Since stepping into my path of healing and becoming my authentic self I have become the happiest, most joyful, and harmonious version of myself. I dove deep to discover my Higher Self which has led to my continued inner peace.

This has also allowed me to discover my mission and life’s purpose of guiding others, just like you to find their own true joy and happiness. I am looking forward to meeting you, and now that you are here, it is important to understand when you choose to go on this journey with me you will never be alone, your life will radically shift, and what is on the other side of where you are now is beautiful and amazing!

Tao Hands Blessing Sessions

This incredible modality brought to the physical plane by Dr and Master Zhi Gang ShaTRANSFORMS negative Shen, Qi, Jing (information, energy and matter) in your field into POSITIVE Shen, Qi, Jing.

As a practitioner, I carry the frequency and vibration of Tao Source, which means I have the privilege of carrying a special soul of high light and when you are blessed this potent light is shared with you.

Even a short 30-minute session can enhance your frequency and vibration at the Quantum level, occurring at the root level. Begin healing any aspect in your life with this POWERFUL technique.

Enhance your health, career, relationships, finances, or a multitude of other aspects that you are desiring to create a shift in your life.

Session Details:

Every session begins with a conversation. This allows you to share with me what is going on, the reason you booked an appointment, what you are desiring to be different, and any other related information you’d like to share. 

Followed by the Tao Blessing for you to receive. This is the easy part for you, you simply relax, feel, and notice. The blessing will be silent or otherwise and sent to the agreed-upon area of your body or life.

We wrap up the session with sharing. What did you feel? What did you see, hear, taste, or smell? If available, I will also share any messages received from Tao Source for you specifically. 

This is not a religion or specific religious practice. It is simply an energy modality that has the ability to contribute to your healing journey.

Tarot Readings

Custom tarot reading based on the topic of your choice. The specific spread used will be determined by the topic chosen and Source. The cards always carry the message we are intended to hear.

“Rachel is peaceful, centered, and beams with confidence. Her presence is reassuring and you feel like you have come upon a true old soul. Her tarot readings are accurate and opened my eyes to how to use my energy to manifest my reality. she truly has a gift.”


“A reading with Rachel always inspires, allows for reflection, and provides answers to wonder from within. She truly has a gift to guide you into a deeper understanding of yourself.”


Yoga Classes by Rachel Anne

Let’s flow together! Each yoga flow is taught Kriya Yoga style that was taught to me by my incredible yoga teacher, Karin Carlson of “Return Yoga.” You can learn more about her on the Live Your RAW Life podcast episode #14. 


 Kriya yoga means SCIENCE of transformation. Transformation arrives through the practice, doing the work, and showing up to your mat on a regular basis.


There are three elements to Kriya yoga:

  1. Tapas~ this is creating fire and heat in the body
  2. Self-study~ this includes bringing awareness to what is being felt in the body through the practice as well as what is being said between the ears, hearing your self-talk
  3. Surrender~ this is a very potent part of the practice, surrendering to the moment, accepting it for what it is, how you are feeling, and what you are thinking, without judgment


It would make me so happy to hear what you love about each flow in the comments below each video. Your feedback is truly welcome.


Moon Ceremonies

Sync up with the rhythms of the moon with Gina Giro and myself. This twice a month ritual will keep you grounded, connected, aligned, and excited about the direction of your life. These virtual ceremonies include Tao Hands Blessings, Emotion Code healing, astrology aspects, meditations, and so much more!”

“We’ve only had one session and the suggestions given have already made drastic changes in my relationships and day! I absolutely love Rachel’s follow-thru and attention to detail.”

~Jessica G.